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A lot of folks have questions about our events and how things work. Please take a few minutes to look over our FAQ's to help you get answers to many of your questions. If you don't find an answer here, please feel free to send us you questions through the Contact Us page.

What is this boat poker run all about?

Answer: A boat poker run is an event where the participants go from one designated stop on the lake to another by boat. At each stop they will pick up a playing card until they have completed all of the stops and have five cards. When they return to Sunset Cove the poker hands are evaluated at the "Casino" then scored and the best poker hand wins the grand prize. 

This year the cards will be in sealed envelopes and are not to be opened until the player returns to the "Casino". Our event is also "Pirate" themed and we give out trophies to the best "Pirate" dressed boats and crews. This will be our sixth year of having this event on Lake Lanier and each year it gets bigger and better. The only purpose of the event, other than to have fun, is to raise money for the children in need in our area.

How do I register and pay for an event?

Answer: Registration is must be done on-line. First, find one of the links on our website to register for the current upcoming event. After clicking the link, you will be directed to our on-line store to pay for your registration. We accept all major credit or debit cards. Please note that no registration is complete without completing the payment portion. Please be sure when entering your credit card information, that the billing address matches the address your credit card company has on file. Otherwise, your purchase will be rejected by our credit card processing company. If you have any problems, please call 678-590-0099 for help.

How can I become a sponsor of your event?

Answer: It is through the generous donations of our sponsors that we can hold our events and give the proceeds of what we raise to support the children in need in our area. We have several different sponsorship levels available and you can see them at our sponsors page. To become a sponsor please send us an email to or contact one of our Board Members.

Is your event "Kid" friendly?

Answer: Yes it is. In fact we encourage everyone to bring their kids to enjoy the event as well. There will be entertainment, a great Laser Show, Fireworks and good food. If you are on a boat have them dress up as a Pirate, we would love to see them and they might win a trophy or plaque.

I am from out of town. Where can my family and I stay?

Our recommended place for you to to stay is at Lake Lanier Islands. They have hotel accommodations, Executive Villa Suites, and lake side cabins as well. Additional lodging can be found at the Hampton Inn the Holiday Inn Express also, please check the local Hotel Guides website.

How do I get a boat slip during the event?

Answer: Boat slips will be available at Sunset Cove on Lake Lanier Islands. After you have completed your event entry you will be sent a link and a "special" code to make dock slip reservations for the event. Please note that due to limited slip availability, only one slip per entry is permitted

Do I have to dress Like a Pirate?

Answer: No, But the theme of our event is "Pirates", in fact the Honorable Governor Nathan Deal routinely proclaims the day of our event as "Pirates Day on Lake Lanier". We will have great trophies for the "Pirate" dressed boats and crews. Arrgh.

I have a Pontoon boat, Can I enter the event?

Answer: Yes, we welcome all power boats, fast and slow in our event. We do not allow however, houseboats, sailboats nor PWC's because of the sizes which can not get under the bridges on the poker run route.

I am driving to the event, where will I park my trailer?

Answer: We have a large secure and patrolled dedicated paved parking lot just for Poker Run Trailers. It is located at the top of the hill from the Lanier Islands boat ramp.

I want to register for the poker run, can I get a slip at Sunset Cove for my boat during the event?

Answer: Yes, Lake Lanier Islands, Lanier World has opened up their slip system for our participants this year. When you pay for the event you will get a entry receipt with a single use discount code to get a boat slip at either Big Beach or Sunset Cove.

Is there room to park my big truck at hotel and at Sunset Cove?

Answer: Yes, Large parking lots at both and they are about a 4 minute drive apart, a little to far to walk and there is a shuttle bus between the two.

Will there be ice for sale this year at Sunset Cove?

Answer: Yes, there will be ice for sale at Sunset Cove Beach Cafe and Club, in addition to full bar and full menu.

Is there power or water on the docks at Sunset Cove?

Answer: No, however Harbor Landing has 15 large houseboat padded slips available with power and water, first come first serve, short walk through the tunnel under the road at Sunset Cove, located on other side of Lanier Islands at Harbor Landing 770-932-7254. Harbor Landing has its own large parking lot.

Can I carry alcoholic beverages from boat off of dock OR from Sunset Cove Parking lot to boat at Sunset Cove docks?

Answer: No, Lanier Islands does offer for sale food and drink at Sunset Cove but they do not allow you to bring your own, so LOAD ALL ADULT BEVERAGES ON BOAT FOR THE WEEKEND WHEN LAUNCHING AT THE BOAT RAMP! AND REMEMBER, it is against the law the operate a boat on the lake under the influence of alcohol. Boat safely!

What fuel is available on the lake and should I fuel up before launching?

Answer: There are several gas stations on Lanier Islands Parkway and on the water. Holiday Marina also offers 93 octane boat fuel. There is also fuel available at all other Marina card stops.